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Thread: Kazaa Lite...not Downloading

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    im trying to download larger files. in the 150 mb range.
    Im finding several sources. up to 40 for one file in some instances.

    yet, i try to download and it goes through all the users, not downloading from a single one then gives me a remotly queude message. And i cant seem ever to be able to try downloading from those users a second time.

    whats the issue here? there are sources, im sharing, my router isnt blocking anything, and i cant download these larger files for some reason?

    Its fustrating when i can see the sources listed yet not a single one i can download from..

    this is with larger files. smaller ones download fine. when larger files ever do start, its downloading at 56k speeds when i should be dling 30 times faster.

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    Did you remember to do full port-forwarding at the router to the computer with Kazaa Lite on it AND run KaNAT?

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    done port forwarding for bit torrent.

    what ports should i use for kazaa?

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    Not 'ports', just 1 port -- but for both TCP and UDP.

    Use whatever port in Kazaa that you forwarded on your router.

    Don't use 1214,6346, or 6881-6899 -- instead pick a 'random' number between 7000 and 65535 and use it.

    Also...It may cause problems to use the same ip port for more than 1 file-sharing program.


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