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Thread: Lack Of Users

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    What is up with the FastTrack network lately? Whenever I connect I only see about 90,000 users online (if not less). If I try changing supernodes a lot, eventually I will get back up to 2 million+ users, but then after about a minute or two it drops back down to the 90,000 area.

    Is this just me or are you guys getting it too? By the way, I'm somewhat new here, so this is the first time I've ever posted. Thanks for having a cool community like this. It's been pretty helpful.

    Anyway though, if anyone has any idea as to the problem then thanks in advance for the help.

    -- Ioka

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    Whoops, my mistake. I read the topic about a fixed list of supernodes and this seemed to fix it.


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    Actually sorry, but updating my supernodes with those registry keys seeemed to work for awhile, but now it has gone back done to the 90,000 area. I tried loading the key again but it didn't seem to work. Any suggestions??

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    it goes back down with me too when i have auto search on and it starts to skip.

    hitting file, jump supernode a few times should eventually get that 2 million back.

    i wish i would just stay on that though

    more reading, perhaps i can figure out if thats possible

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    Hi Ioka

    The user number seem to fluctuate between 70 000 and 3 mill since some time. There are a lot of suggestions trying to explain this, but no one seems to be absolutely shure why this happens. You can read a lot about this if You do some search.

    It doesn't seem to affect the search results if You have Auto Search More turned on to No limit regarding time. Because then Kazaa Lite will jump supernode now and then. You can also jump supernodes manually if You like.

    (I'm running 2.43)



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