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Thread: Slow Ass Kazaa

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    I remember the times when Kazaa was the best program. Now it takes forever to download a song. You can hardly find anything. It's all because of those danm RIAA people. Has anyone noticed how slow Kazaa has gotten?

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    No, because I stopped using it months ago.

    Try Bit-torrent or Emule
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    there is no such word as -> gotten

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    Try DC++

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    Lots of people (including me) left Kazaa a long time ago.
    It&#39;s time to move on to other things when you can&#39;t get what you want anymore.

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    Originally posted by sebastian_insua@1 August 2004 - 23:42
    there is no such word as -> gotten
    It refers to the verb Got. It&#39;s an extension of it. But thats right noone uses it right? I am sure you have never used it in your life? Oh wait your probably did. You just probably have forGOTTEN to mention it.

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    Emule and Bittorrent for singles? Nah...
    try instead.
    Or Soulseek for full albums.

    But I think K-Lite 2.6 is still best for older songs.
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