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Thread: Dvd Image

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    I've recently got a DVD burner and would like to download movies in image form - because I can simply burn them to disk and save the space on my hard drive.

    Is there any way to tell from the torrent what format the movie will be in? Most DVD rips turn out to be MPGs or AVIs which are a pain to put back in their original format to burn - actually I'm still trying to get my first one correct!

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    I would think size would generally tell the tale of what it is...

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    U should look for movies that are around 4-4.5 gb.

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    Are you using bt to d/load because where ever you got the torrent link from because it should usually say what format the files in, emule and kazza etc.. says what type of file anyway, your dead right though converting avi and mpeg can be more hassle than its worth at times your better off going for the dvd-rip which is as mentioned usually quite big, in the 4 gig area.


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