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Thread: Unable To Download From Links To My Kazzalite

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    I'm using Kazzalaite and I can not download and of the links dat on this forum. Internet Explorer is prompting an error of invalid link.

    Any ideas.

    Thanks in Advance

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    whats wrong with the kazaalite section???
    great FTP site for awesome quality video clips
    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it

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    I'm not sure what is going on. Last time I could like this internet link to add it my kazzalite. This time I can not do it. IE can not find the path of sigdat.

    I'm not sure which is wrong.

    Thanx in advance

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    Post in ,

    You'll have better luck.

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    in Ksig settings, enable "Use KSig to handle quicklinks" and "create .dat file if kazaa isn't running"
    or re-install Sig2dat


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