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Thread: Overclocking Basic Questions

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    What do you mean by Unlocking the Multiplier?

    Don't you already have the multiplier to overclock with?
    Or unlocking the multiplier means over the limit of the multiplier of overclocking?
    - Do I need to unlock the multiplier before I start overclocking?
    - Whats the point of unlocking the multiplier?
    - What does it really do if you do unlock the multiplier?

    By the way I read VB'S guide.

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    The MHz that your CPU runs is a function of the front side bus (FSB) times the multiplier.

    So it's possible to achieve 3200+(2.2GHz) speed using a couple of different combinations.
    You could run a FSB of 220 and a multiplier of 10 or a FSB of 200 with a multiplier of 11, etc.
    They all end up at the same speed, but with different benefits.

    The higher the FSB, the better.
    Especially if your memory with run synchronous ( same speed) with the FSB.

    But, sometimes the RAM just won't run with the FSB so that becomes your choke point.
    If you multiplier is unlocked you may be able to continue raising your speed by upping the multiplier and leaving the FSB fixed.

    Unlocked multipliers just give you more options to work with.
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    They all end up at the same speed, but with different benefits.
    The higher the FSB, the better.
    About the higher the multiplier, what type of benefits does that do?
    I know the AMD2500+ Is not unlocked but the mobile version is.
    Well Im going to buy a Samsung 512MB PC3200 what type does that use?
    I know it aint 133.

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    PC3200 RAM uses an FSB of 400......... the 2500 mobile 266

    if you up your FSB to 400, your RAM will still work perfectly (your CPU only if it is properly cooled)
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    Well Im thinking of overclocking AMD 2500+XP with mobo of NF7 NOT NF7-S.

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    Thats what I'm running, a 2500+ mobile with 1gb of crucial pc3200 ram. I have it running at 2.4ghz (12x200, 3600+ speed) At stock vcore (1.6v) The mobile chips really are great.

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    Im on a budget...
    Sooo I got to sacrifice some parts.
    AMD 2500+XP FSB (Stock HSF)
    Samsung Ram @ PC3200
    Abit NF7

    The problem is the ram, I don't really understand the concept of understanding of the FSB of the processor and the meeting of the rams mhz.
    Any site that explains step by step o/c to mobo to processor to ram?
    And I really don't understand about the ratios of ram?

    After this is all explained Im ready to overclock.

    Oh one more question, if a mobo support only up to 333FSB and overclocking the processor should I just get 400FSB mobo support? Or can I i o/c with a 333FSB mobo?

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    With an AMD platform you get the best overall performance if the CPU and the RAM are both running the same frequency.
    If the BIOS for the NF7 is anything like the BIOS for my NF7-S you can set the RAM to run at various ratios relative to the CPU.

    Also, this board is extremelypopular with overclockers and there are many custom BIOS available.

    You can look here or here to get more info about the board and what you can do to/with it.
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    Thanks clocker.


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