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Thread: Keep Getting The Error When Dling With Bt

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    Pops up liek every 10 minutes, any help would be appreciated.

    BTW, I'm dling from suprnova, thank you.

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    Looks like a transient error due to tracker load. Could also be related to your firewall/router setup, but that is not the case for me.

    I am attempting to let the download continue even though I'm hitting this error. I still have some incoming bits, so it isn't completely fatal. I don't know if I've stopped getting updated info about other clients, though. Hard to say if my connection speed will peak properly without restarting the download until I finish trying.

    BT will keep retrying the tracker every five minutes. However, it failed to do so. Canceling and restarting the download was far more successful. I recommend doing this, as you can resume a partial download with no problem.


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    It means the tracker is down. That can be for a number a reasons just like a site can be down.

    Should be an option in your client to update tracker if you want to wait til it comes back online, or just forget and it download from somewhere else.

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    Restarted download, still get it, tried another download, still get it, tried downloading something completely different, no avail.

    I think it's something else =\

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    Where are you trying to d/l from?

    Sorry, saw you wrote Suprnova, have you tried d/l from another site?

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    I'm a nub, a friend suggested bt and supr


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