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Thread: Want To Overclock My Graphics Card,

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    I have a tyan tachyon radeon 9600pro graphics card. As part of the software with it you get &#39;&#39;Easy-to-use interface enables you to separately over-clock VPU and memory (G9700/G9600/G9500 Series).&#39;&#39;

    I am fairly unsure if this is a good idea or not

    the vpu speed defaults to 400 but the slider allows me to go up to 590

    pic here

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    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>

    can any tell me ...

    if this is advisable?

    how high to go?

    what can I expect to gain?

    will it do any harm?

    what I could use to benchmark test the possible gains?

    thank you in advance for any help offered.


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    sounds kinda risky to me

    btw did u get your name zero cool from that movie called hackers thats a funny movie

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    how big are the steps???

    if the steps are small (like 5 or 10 MHz) id give it a go......... run benchmarks each time

    if the steps are bigger, id ask somewho with more experience
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    Storm has a point, if the increments can be done in shorts waves try it. Increase by 5 on each and test. Continue until your system no longer responds (or at least the video card). If you reach that stage back the setting down to the last settings where it was working, that would be a good indication of how much you can oc the card.

    increase=more heat too

    Downside, you may void any warranty you have.

    Upside, you gain speed. It&#39;s a give and take type of thing. B)

    Good luck and let us know how things go.
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    Thanks folks , I acidently ran the slider straight up to about 520 and everything seemed ok, no big temp rise, no apparent problems. I am gonna try out some benchmarking, I&#39;ll post my findings, unless of course they are a big hot fire

    edit: ok found this

    overclocking my card

    so I had a go for some reason I couldn&#39;t get the memory speed past 602, each time I moved the slider up and pressed ok to confirm the settings it went back to 602 , however I did get the vpu speed up to 537 , so I tried aquamark and from a start of about 26000 at default I got it up to 32000, so going ok so far

    gonna have a look at oc&#39;n my P4 2.6 Chip next I think

    temps seem to be ok sp far too


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