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    What are some good proxy software to use with k-lits, E Mule and Bit Torrent ??

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    u cant use any program with them, u can add some proxies in connection setting.
    in kilte:
    Option\klite Option\FireWall>Scoks5 proxy
    there u can use proxy, a good place to find proxies is here

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    Sure you can use proxy software with filesharing. Multiproxy is a good application which will work fine for filesharing should you want that added security - but never use it to test a proxy's anonymity, it's rubbish at that.

    However I don't use proxy soft for filesharing because in general it will be slower than a single, fast, reliable proxy. Use a good proxt testing application such as Proxyrama, AA tools or simple proxy checker scripts in a suitable program to get a hyper quick one
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    Originally posted by bawa@Klite_user@3 August 2004 - 11:34
    a good place to find proxies is here
    No, last update is 2004-07-17 and I doubt this will be fixed

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    Good luck finding a Socks proxy for filesharing.

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    Can I turn Multiproxy on and off easy???


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