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Thread: Cant D/l With Mirc Anymore?

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    for some reason i cant download with mIRC anymore?? when i try it says accepting send then just times out???

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    it says accepting send then it says after 20 seconds connection failed, then in the channel it says *** You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (150 seconds remaining until timeout) wtf???

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    i tried to download another file from a different server and it worked why cant i get this download to work??? Well im trying to download Law and Order 2 for PC if anyone knows where i can get it?

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    can someone fucking help???????????????????

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    hmm download invision 2.0 for mirc fromhere thats what i use ive had the same problem so many times its not funny even with mirc i dont know why it does that.Usually if a download times out its becuase the speeds is slowing down really bad..but anyways good luck.

    btw you may need to download mirc 6.12 im not shure if invision will work on higher versions but give it a try.

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    but the problem is i cant even connect to it? but for other downloads it works fine, just his particular download and i cant find this game i want anywhere else on the internet.

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    Which game is it? Becuase it could be the channel

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    i kinda had this problem and i got that download u put on here mofos and it helped! thanks !!!!!!

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    Its Law and Order 2: Double or Nothing, PC version. I just done an IRCSPY search and it found one listing on in #0day-Fun. ?

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    You cant do much about it, you are just not able to connect to this bot.
    Move on and look for another source.

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