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Thread: Can't Find Some Old Movies

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    i am researching since almost a year bullit and lemans with steve mac queen but i can't find them.If someone knows the correct name of the files taht would be cool because i really want these movies.

    thanks in advance



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    Yes I see those 2 specific movies (even your choice of multiple video formats) ..and there's quite a few others by Steve McQueen too on eMule ..problem is that with eMule and these large +/- 800mb files it will take a looooong time to download in eMules 9.31mb pieces. ...anyway you would just have to install eMule and do a search for Steve McQueen ..and click to download the results you want - but again be prepared for the time it takes to download on eMules cache & share routine...

    Looking on Kazaa briefy doing a search for Steve McQueen I only saw 2 listings for one of your movies and it was only a 28mb & 50mb file and looks like it was just the chase scene of Bullit but is not the complete movie like you will find on eMule.

    Searching on Ares for a moment - I see no listings videos on Steve McQueen


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