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Thread: Is The Lastest Verson Of Emule The Overnet0.53

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    when i went to overnet website when i click on download overnet 0.53 it downloaded an emule thing.So can i conclude or is that logic to say that the lastest version of emule is the last overnet?

    thanks in advance for your help


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    the newest eMule can be found here:

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    ok thanks because i went to and it downodaded me emule.

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    Originally posted by DesertEagle50AE@3 August 2004 - 05:55
    ok thanks because i went to and it downodaded me emule.
    That's b/c ed2k is no longer being developed and Overnet took over the site when development stopped.

    I doubt you actually dl'd eMule. I guessing you just think you did b/c of the donkey icons that still pepper the site. They are selling Overnet there so I'd be surprised if you were redirected or offered a product that cuts into their margin. B)
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    You did not download Emule you downloaded Edonkey

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    overnet as a client is no longer developed it has been merged into there edonkey client, you can choose to connect to just overnet just ed2k or both....


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