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Thread: Problem With My Graphics Card

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    you probably have to sqeeze something from the bottom side of the board.

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    Try twisting the heatsink (can be quite strong). It's probably stuck on with heat transfer compound.

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    Ok. Should I put some thermal paste or anything on it when putting on the new one?

    Whats a good app for watching gpu temps? And what would be a safe temp to stay around?
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    Looks like they used superglue to stick that on. I'm mpretty sure you will have to remove all that gold coloured material, otherwise it could hold the heatsink away from the core. I would use Arctic Silver as the heatsink compound, just like with your cpu.

    Regarding temp monitoring, I don't think that card supports it. You would need to get some sort of external probe.
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    Ive been trying to get an old heatsink I have on the video card but cant seem to think of any way to keep it on. On my last post, the pics after the first 2 are of the heatsink and fan I want to put on it.

    Please help me find a way to put it on w/o messing up any parts on the video card.
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    Any ideas?

    The 2 biggest problems im having are that the heatsink I want to put on it has a little lip on the 2 sides and that I dont have any way of keeping it on. I think I have some superglue or some type of wood glue out in the garage. But would the wood glue e a good idea?

    Wish I coulda went out and bout a new heatsink/fan for it, but low on cash atm. So im trying to use an old Intel one.
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