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    Hi there, I've done a search on this site and i've heard something about bearings, altho i havent a clue. I'm quite clueless and apologies if i bug some of you 'know its' with my noob questions. Here goes...

    A couple days ago, my computer was working fine, as usual, there was no sound (apart from a low hum which i take as normal). The next day, i turned on my pc and it started fine, but then i noticed a aloud whirring noise. I turned my computer off, opened it up and made sure the screws wern't loose. Then i turned pc back on and everything was fine. Two days later, the noise started again. So i opened up the pc and i know its the power supply fan.

    I turned the pc on with the case open so i could what exactly it was doing. It seems like it goes fast, then slow then fast again still making the noise. At one point, it went to a crawl then it went back up again.

    I am literally a noob with pc hardware. I dont build pc's but i have have a good look inside it tho, not touching much etc.

    Having done a search on here, I read somewhere about the fan's bearing mayv have gone loose or something. I've taken the power supply fan out (with everything still attached ) and have unscrewewed the fan's guard so i could erm..poke at the fan. on sight, in the middle of the fan, i cannot see any bearings...just the plastic fan. and if i pressed the just went in a little and back out again. I am not sure why i'm just describing what i did, basically erm, as i dont know whethere it is a bearing or not.

    I've cleaned it by just wiping and blowing...but its not that dusty anyway, except for some dust stuck on the blades which i've taken off.

    The noise is still there.

    1) is it safe to continuing to use my pc even with this strange noise?
    2)whats the worst that can happen? i mean will the fan die?...and if it would....will it render my whole pc useless in that it'll bust up my whole pc so i'll have to buy a new one?
    3)if it isnt safe etc to continue using my pc, how would i nkow what type of fan to buy for my replacement?

    Please bear in mind that i dont know how to look at what type of fan i have, and altho i can spot what parts of the insides of a pc is...thats it really..nothing much else.

    I'm sorry for this long post, but i figured i'd write more, rather than too little. My pc is only 2 years old. Can anyone offer some advise a girl out here


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    1. It's not a very good idea to keep using the PC with that fan. Especially since you say that it slows down and then speeds up again.

    2. The fan could stop altogether and then the power supply would overheat and probably burn out. You don't want that to happen.

    3. Take the fan with you to a PC shop. It should be a standard 80mm fan. The people at the store should be able to find a replacement very easily for you. It should only cost $5 to $10.

    Note: Just be sure that when you reinstall the new one that the fan blows in the right direction. There are usually small arrows stamped on the side of the fan housing that show airflow and spinning direction. Put it so that that fan blows outwards from the back of the power supply.


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