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Thread: Doom 3 Download?

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    I just downloaded

    Doom III (1 of 3) - Full Version
    Doom III (2 of 3) - Full Version
    Doom III (3 of 3) - Full Version

    Off Kazaa, and i cant view it in win rar or win Ace, i need help :helpsmile: please, i donwloaded these files cause thats the only files i could find that would work, i have gone over my download this month now, but if u have any suggestion on where i can download for next month that would be good, but i would rather extract these files

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    Originally posted by V!per@4 August 2004 - 01:41
    Off Kazaa

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    well what do i download off then :helpsmile: , im a n00b you know

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    Originally posted by V!per@3 August 2004 - 17:49
    well what do i download off then :helpsmile: , im a n00b you know
    hahaha kazaa sucks man, never, I REPEAT, never download games/apps off of kazaa. it's okay to be a n00b (i guess, everybody was at some point). get ur self a bittorrent client and headover to (go to google and type in bittorrent, hint hint)

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    yeah im downloading from there but i gave it up, its so slow, i have 1500/256 connection and i get 10-20kbs a second, like WTF? is it possible to get faster speeds?

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    if your behind a router you have to forward ports to get bittorrent to work right

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    ok cool, got a site or url where i can find out the port numbers?

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    i got it from

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    ok thanks do i have to restart bit torent now? or will it pick up speed?

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    i'm new to ports, how do you open/change them? i'm using winxp professional edition, anyone want to help me out? i'm really new to the term "ports".

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