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Thread: Newer Than The Newest Version?

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    I have seen an installer available for download on kazaa which claims to be "kazaa lite K++ 2.8 (by"

    I have it in my download list right now, but it's not downloading, so it might be from a blocked IP, I'm not sure...

    Does anyone know if this is legit? Why isn't it mentioned in the "latest version" topic on this forum? Anyone have a feature comparison to 2.4.x or 2.6? Or is this just a fake?

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    Each 2.4.x is based on KMD 2.0.2 and each 2.6 is based on KMD 2.6, if you know K-Lite 2.4.3 you know every 2.4.x as they are just clones with additional tools. 2.6 has all things included in 2.6 +KHancer that works like K++


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