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    After having searched thouroughly on Google and elsewhere, I still can't come up with what/how the "Rate settings mode" and what "Default rate setting" excactly does. Any kind takers? As to "external annnounce", I know what it does but when is it a good idea to use (if at all).

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    Rate Setting Mode is what you change if you want it to automatically change the type of internet connection bt thinks you have at startup.

    External announce is used if you want to connect to another tracker that has the same exact file. Good for getting your speeds up or seeding to different areas.
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    I guess I just don't get this but... what you're talking about I can do in the "main" window of the gui, e.g. setting mine to dsl/cable fast gives me an upload rate of 40 kB/s. What I'm talking about is the "rate settings" in the prefs window of BitTornado version 0.3.7 where you can set it to "none", "basic" or "full", and below that the default "rate setting" - that does have the automaic, dsl, dial-up choices you're talking about. Well I'm just curious as my version works fine with a somwhat frequent d/l rate of 205-210 on my adsl connection of 2000/512.

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    The rate setting is what is displayed in the main window. If you have it set to none, you wont be able to change the settings in the main window.



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