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Thread: Problem With Divx To Vcd

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    i downloaded austin powers in goldmember (700+mb) and converted it to vcd using tmpgenc and vrtualdub. the first 84 minutes of the converted file works well, but during the last few minutes of the new mpeg file the video turns blank (disappears, black only) yet there is sound
    the avi file does contain those "last few minutes." the video does not disappear but the file itself is not nice to watch since there is... hmmm... i don't now how to describe this... ghosting(?). when converted to vcd the video looks fine (no ghosting) except for the "last few minutes" (which disappears save for the sound
    any advice would be appreciated

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    try it agian w/ the newest verzion

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    solved the problem
    i just reinstalled nimo and the latest k-lite codec pack


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