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Thread: Problems Watching/previewing

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    I'm new to the world of downloading music and movies. I've been trying to download some movies, however, when I try to preview most of the movies, I get a message saying that there is not relavent data to be extracted from this file or that it is an invalid file. Can anyone help me please? Thanks

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    That probably means you are downloading a fake. But to be sure make Videolan your preview player.

    Are you using KaZaa? If so it may be a good idea to switch to Bit-torrent or Emule. There are hardly any fakes on those networks.
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    I agree videoLan great choose so get that and use it however your prob could also be a fake but to be honest i found it could also mean you hadnt downloaded enough of the movie for it to play i.e about 3000kbs and sometimes the movie does not preview at all and it can be a wonderful copy. I hate to say it you are better off going for the long haul and downloading 2 different versions of the same movies so you have a back up to stop any disappointment.
    However i will give you a tip it took me ages to find on kazaa in the search tick artist search and type in and loads of movies will appear i have never found one of these movies not to play or have a virus all are vertually 100% guaranteed. It is usually one of those pay for sites but never pay one of them to find them just try looking them up in the artist search. Hate to say it but there are people who have paid for this service and it is there files you are getting but if they are kind enough to share and silly enough to pay good luck to them. Also if you are downloading music go to you can download a file on there that will check all your mp3 files for corrupt data so you dont have to listen to them all before burning to disk.
    Also try bittorrent i love it all files are guaranteed!!!
    Good Luck


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