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    hey im new but i gotta problem with bearshare. I dont know wether bearshare does this by itself or w/e but wen someone is uploading only that one person can upload anyone else who tries it says host limit. I there anyway to fix this

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    I'm not sure I understand your problem/question.

    But I'll take a shot at it anyway...

    BearShare and even many of the other Gnutella client programs will only download 1 file at a time PER source. So if you're trying to download 10 files from 1 person/ip, then it will only try 1 file at a time. Better to have 1 finished file and 1 started out of 10 total than have 10 files partially downloaded and none finished is the philosophy behind that programming. It's also technically faster too...prevents mass-leeching as well. Shame even Kazaa didn't try such a simple anti-leech scheme (based on ip instead of nickname of course)!

    If you mean you can only upload to 1 person at a time before you get 'host limit' messages, then you've probably got the connection type set to "Dial-Up 56k, dog-awful-slow" setting -- which limits you to 1 upload at a time to keep from setting your phone line on fire.

    If you're NOT actually on dial-up, you might want to change the connection type to BROADBAND and use advanced bandwidth settings to keep it from overloading OC-72 lines...assuming that's what you have. B) The program tries to run at 1+ gbps speeds otherwise...failing of course because your connection probably isn't that fast.

    Then you need to change the upload settings to probably like 2 uploads minimum and about 10 maximum...unless of course you have at least 1 megabit/sec upload bandwidth. Most of the time, there'll only be about 2-4 uploads going (assuming you're not firewalled and sharing enough to draw SOME interest) -- which will be enough to max out your upload connection. BearShare checks to see if there's a lot of 'spare' upload bandwidth left and open more upload slots as needed (up to the max of 10) to use up that amount.


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