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Thread: Ghost Recon Rip?

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    I just downloaded what I thought was ghost recon, only to find out that one of the files is missing or corrupt. Did any one else get/have this file, and problem?
    I don't know the hash or anything, but I can tell you it is 172mb and its just entitled: ghost recon (full version)
    I extracted it and it is NOT the full! I think this is what you call a "rip"?
    (I guess I got ripped)
    Did any one else have this problem? anyone have a solution for this noob?
    Oh ya, I got the game here, at k-lite so if any one else has it too, will you please help me?

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    sounds like your download got corrupted
    you just have to redownload it again
    I can confirm that there IS a working rip of ghost recon but I don't know wich one it is cause it's been a long time since I d/l it.

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    u can download it from Emule so it won't be corrupted........
    the only prublem is that it's to slow

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    only with your typing....

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    Cool thanks!, I don't know what "Emule" is though.
    (I'm new to this p2p stuff)

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    Ok, I found emule. Thanks all!

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    I Have downloaded that File to and it works great for me


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