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Thread: Maximum Number Of Supernodes?

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    Does anybody know how many other supernodes a supernode can be connected to?

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    I think only a few. Maximum is around/below 10 probably.

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    how do you know?

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    the reason i ask has to do with my theory on the current fasttrack network fragmentation:
    sharman has some central servers which act as supernodes (SNs) that can connect to many other SNs. client SNs can only connect to small number of other SNs (because of limited resources on personal PCs), and can only be a certain distance, or number of jumps, away from one of the servers. thus if the servers were to be taken out, the size of the network would be limited to the longest possible chain of client SNs. i believe that currently there may be only a few central servers running, each with the connections maxed out. model fits the data doesn't it?


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