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    hello everyone

    so yesterday i was looking a bit in the files of my bit torrent downloading software Azureus , and i managed to do something quite interesting
    while changing some digits in the file , i managed to make the program think that my shareratio on one file was sort of infinite with more that lets say 900 terabits of upload , for 1GB of download
    well tested it on a tracker , but the tracker did not validate what i did , it just put all my stats to zero , for example i downloaded a file of 3GB with 0.67 of ratio , i did the trick , so it showed like i never downloaded the 3GB and that i havent uploaded anything , well this is quite usefull , if on some trackers you cantjust start to seed without catching up your download
    well i was wondering is there a way to make think the tracker that you really lets say uploaded 3GB and doynloaded None , or sort of send manually some info ?
    thanks , this is just for knowledge ,i do seed a Lot on bit torrent , and i just thoughit was funy to do this little trick

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    it woulnt really accumplish anything as your speed is governed on a tit for tat baises with the other peers. and this 'hack' is well known and most trackers (that log stats 90% dont bother) would ban your account pretty sharpish. orthough its well know there currently there is no fix on the tracker BUT the tracker can easily tell who is doing this (as the data in the database wouldnt match up )

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    uh does this hack really exist , i would like to try it , i am taking the risk of being banned but i just want to see how it works
    could you please tell me or PM or Email

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    As a tracker owner myself im not gonna help anyone cheat the stats

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    huh , ive uploaded some stuff to suprnova , you could just give me this little trick in PM ....


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