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Thread: Magazines

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    just wonderin what kinda magazine u guys like to read. subscriptions?

    i personally have subscriptions to sports illustrated, popular science, readers digest, and occasionally buy road and track. and really occassionally i get gamer, maxim, some... DAMN, my swimsuit edition didnt come this year! wtf? i waited so long...

    its 5:10 am...

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    i dont have any subscriptions but i like high times, stuff, maxim, urb, xbox independent magazine, ughhh thats all i can think of right now

    i just woke up to check on my downloads i let go all night

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    playboy and celebrity skin

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    forgot about celebrity skin! that one is always nice to check out

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    nice ones. but i obviously meant excluding playboy and the like.

    will ne1 post now?

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    The only mag I ever buy is PS2 official, that's it, sometimes I buy computer active. Mags are a waste of money really.

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    I read "The Source" every month. Too many advertisements in it though. I sometimes read "The New Scientist" as well. Always interesting and informative. "Men's World" isn't bad either, although I missed the Tera Patrick special. Dammit!!!
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    it okay, just search kazaa for tera patrick. B)

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