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Thread: Triple X Dvd!

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    when i try to rip my dvd of XXX it cant do it, it says its copy protected. i cant even play the damn movie on the comp. cause its protected! when i try to rip, it says its encrypted and no key is found.
    is this normal on dvds?? how can i get around this???

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    What ripping software???

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    Try to use different programs, like DVD2One.

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    i used alcohol 120%. i also tried just a direct copy, and the explorer window crashed!
    but i cant even play the movie, so whats up? also making a .iso with winISO says theres bad sectors.
    but i watched it on my ps2!. has this happened to anyone??!

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    I use Smartripper. Never failed so far.

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    i think u should search for a dvd ripper that can crack the copy right protection and u can watch it on ur ps2 cuz it has the reigonal settings on it, but ur dvd drive doesnt. so try using either smart ripper or try searching for one.

    (tip: go to, they have everything about ripping dvds)

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    I dont know!!!!!!!!
    I agree with "JmiF" use Smartripper
    never failed me either.

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    try these its a piece of cake,

    both these progs will do it for you, give them a try.



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    yes i tried smartripper! that was actually the first one i tried but forgot to say it. wtf?? it doesnt work! cant even authenticate cuz its encrypted!!! why? should i just download it then?
    this has never happened to ne1 b4??

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    how bout tryin DVD Decrypter???

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