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Thread: Morpheus Does Not See My Kazaa Incomplet Downloads

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    I have uncompleted downloads from k-lite.
    I installed the latest morpheus, which is supposed to support downloads from the fasstrack network, yet even when i set in morpheus the folder of my unfinished downloads, it still shows nothing on morpheus.
    Also, when searching, i have'nt noticed any fasttrack search results(and yes, i checked several times, fasttrack is checked mark where it should be.
    Morpheus has no problem however accepting my shared files from kazaa as it's shared files.

    So my question isoes anyone here know what's wrong?
    why are'nt my kazaa downloads appearing on morpheus?

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    kazaa and morpheus use different formats for partial downloads, so you will have to use k-lite to complete them.

    morpheus piggybacks on mldonkey to access the kazaa lite network
    so you might need to have working nodes in your \mldonkey\fasttrack.ini file
    (* Known ultrapeers *)
       ultrapeers = [
        ("", 1214);]
    that should bootstrap you onto the K-Lite network (unless you have firewall/router issues)

    BTW xolox is an ad-free version of morpheus
    but they both suck IMNSHO

    but hey, to each his own.

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    Thank for the info(question-how is it that there is'nt a way, to convert downloads from kazaa, on the fasttrack network, to the format that xolxo usess, also on the fasttrack network. why do the formats of the partial files have to be different at all if the files are downloaded through the same network?)

    It looks to me that atlist these programs, are not that connected to the fasttrack network. why do i say this?
    Because as oppose to my experience with k-lite or imesh and so forth,
    where i type a search term and get endless results, in morpheus/xolxo, many were the times where i got, 2-4 results, sometimes alittle more.
    if it were truley connected to fasttrack, purely, it would have produced all of those endless results i got with kazaa.
    this was not the case.
    So, how exactly are they connected to fasttrack(I know they are connected in a way because i did get results from fasttrack(in xolxo),but they were so few:That does not go mirror all the results kazaa and imesh show.

    So, what's the deal( if anybody knows), are they using some sort of inferior primitive technology to connect to fasttrack, or what?

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    Originally posted by sonofdad@5 August 2004 - 16:58
    So, what's the deal, are they using some sort of inferior primitive technology to connect to fasttrack, or what?
    exactly, it's called mldonkey

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    Is there any reason why they can't use or implement a technology that would make use of the fasttrack network to the fullest?
    Is it not applicable at this point(to them or at all)?

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    Oh, and still maintain the capability of connecting to many other networks and utilizing them,
    is it possible at this point?

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    Does anybody have something helpful to add?
    Nobody has the answers?

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    I think the answer is nobody really cares that much about FastTrack anymore..

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    I was missing WinMX the other day when i stumbled upon something incredible. There is a group out there calling themselves MXPIE. They have put together an easy to use update that will once again allow you to connect to the WinMX network. Their update contains no spyware, adware or any other form of malware.

    Check out the MXPIE Website for everything you need.

    Along with their help, and getting my other computer problem sorted out at , I was able to enjoy WinMX better than I ever was before. Not only did they get me connected, they helped me fix my other problems as well.

    Realtime help available for WinMX 3.53 users having trouble getting connected. Go to WinMX Channels. And thank you gemini for your Computer Problem forum.

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    Just get K-Lite to finish your downloads... Morpheus wont do shit for you.
    blah blah blah... whatever...


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