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    How do i access Kalinatek's fire emergency system

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    which level is it????

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    It's Mission 5 - Kalinatek! I have just infiltrated the Kalinatek building, and then it says that i shell access the fire emergency system!

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    sorry, i didn't got there yet
    but in this WebSite, go to the forum about this game
    and ask the people there some question, they can help u more than i...............

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    I have just reaced level 5

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                                      VI. Kalinatek (SC-Kal)


            Russian mercenaries have begun to destroy evidence of Georgian
            activities at Kalinatek. Before her detection in the network,
            Grimsdottir discovered that a technician named Ivan is hiding
            in the building. Ivan possess an encryption key that could help
            the Third Echelon find Nikoladze.

        Initial Goals
            Infiltrate Kalinatek

            Access Kalinatek's fire emergency system to open the
            fire doors surrounding Ivan

            Find Ivan before the Russian Mafiosi kill him

        Items          Gagdets                SC-20K
          None            5.7mm pistol (40)      Sticky Shocker (5)
                          Optic Cable            Sticky Camera (5)
                          Lock Pick              Ring Airfoil Round (5)

        VI.1 Infiltrating Kalinatek (SC-VI.1)
                  You begin in a parking garage. Go foward past the van and crouch
            behind the yellow car. When the guard comes toward you and turns
            away, grab him. Knock him out in the front of the car. Crouch down
            and wait for the next guard to pass. Sneak past the guard and go to
            the small office. Pick up the medical kit inside and exit the office.
            Go into the nearby door and head up the stairs. Move foward into the
            parking garage and move to the right around the first car. Sneak up
            behind the guard and grab him. Pull him back and knock him out. Pick
            up the bottle and throw it near the crates behind the yellow car.
            From the back of the van, watch until the guard facing you walks
            away. Move to the right and climb onto the crates. Turn right and
            jump out onto the bricks. Grab the rail above you and move foward
            until you start to zip.

                  From the building you land on, turn around and jump to the
            building under construction. Walk to the stovepipe and interact with
            it. Rappel down and break through the glass ceiling. Crouch and load
            an airfoil round. Watch for the guard to come out and walk toward
            you. Shoot him with the airfoil when he stops. Run to knock him out
            if the airfoil didn't take him down. Pick up the satchel that he
            dropped. Hide his body at the end of the hall. Go through the doors
            that the guard came through and move to the keypad. Enter the code
            97531 and open the door. Pick up the ammo for the SC-20K if you need
            it and move to the next door. Open it and turn on your night vision.
            Jump onto the cart to the right and stand under the pipe. Move to the
            other side of the room. Drop down and press the crouch button to land
            softly. Move foward and jump into the duct. Move through the ducts to
            the other and and drop into the next room.

                  From the waiting room, move foward a little to see guards
            killing the programmers. When the guards in the hallway start to talk
            to each other, turn off the lights in the waiting room. Move to the
            door and open it. Pull out the SC-20K and use the scope to locate the
            wall mine. Shoot the wall mine to take out the guards. Keep your
            SC-20K up to take out any survivors. Watch the end of the hallway to
            see a third guard investigate. When the fire dies, head into the blue
            hallway and pick up a medical kit. Turn off the lights in the hallway
            by pressing the switch near the bodies. Use the scope again to watch
            for the third guard to come around the corner. Take him out from a
            distance. Head around the corner to the elevator shaft and jump

                  Exit the elevator shaft and move to the right quickly. Pick up a
            crate of five frag grenades on the table and continue down the hall.
            Bring up the SC-20K and aim for a red light. Use the sniper view to
            find the wall mine. Shoot the mine to take out the two guards. Move
            forward and to the left into the office. Slowly move to the mine on
            the left and deactivate it. Move to the mine on the right and do the
            same. Talk to the programmers to get a key code. You also find out
            that there is a timed bomb on this floor.

        VI.2 Disarming the Bomb (SC-VI.2)

        New Goal
            Disarm the bomb planted in the archives room.

                  You have two minutes to diffuse the timed bomb. Go down the hall
            where the two guards were approaching from. The hall where the wall
            mine was. Stop at the janitor's closet and pick up the medical kit.
            Continue to the end of the hall. Use the keypad and enter the code
            33575 and open the door. Go around the corner and crouch. Shoot out
            the bottom window and crawl into the room to your right. Use the
            scope to shoot the wall mine on the wall across from you. Shoot the
            other mine on the other side of the door also. In the next room, take
            out the wall mine to the left of the flames. Move to the next room
            and spot the wall mine next to the doorway opposite you. Shoot it and
            quickly head to the hallway. Pull out the lock pick and use it on the
            door at the end of the hall. It has six pins so don't waste time. Go
            into the room and turn left. Roll through the flames and approach the
            bomb on the wall. Deactivate it to stop the timer and complete a goal.

        VI.3 The Fuse Box (SC-VI.3)

        New Goal
            Restore power to the fire door circuit by accessing the fuse box
            behind the auditorium.

                  Exit the office by rolling through the flames. Go out the door
            and turn left down the hallway. Sneak up on the guard in the viewing
            box and grab him. Pull him into the dark hall and knock him out. Go
            back into the room and sneak up on the guard down the stairs. Grab
            him and put him with the other body. Go across the auditorium and go
            around the right side of the stage. Wait at the ledge and do not drop
            down. A few guards will start to come up. You have two choices here.
            You can go back to the viewing box area and snipe them as they watch
            the area. Or, you can drop off the ledge when they come up. If you do
            snipe them, it may be a bit easier to get through if you can avoid
            detection. Anyway, just get yourself to the bottom of the stairs
            behind the stage.

                  Once you are down the stairs, move into the basement and go to
            the corner where you can see the lights. Take out your pistol and
            shoot out the lights. If you snuck down without killing the guards in
            the auditorium, there will be one more guard who comes. Take him out
            with an airfoil round and hide the body in a corner. Go to the desk
            and pick up ammo for your SC-20K, a medical kit and a grenade box. Go
            to the fuse box and flip the switch. If you did not kill the guards
            that came up the stairs, they will return. When they walk by you, go
            back up the stairs quietly so they don't notice you. When you walk
            back up the stairs, a new guard is in the viewing box in the
            auditorium. Use the sniper scope and take out the guard with a quick
            shot to the head. Go back up to the viewing box and take the satchel
            from the guards body. Hide his body in the dark hall with the others.
            Look for the door with a keypad behind the viewing box. Enter the
            code 1250 and enter the door.

                  Enter the lobby area and see the two guards in the area above
            you. Go up the stairs on the right very quietly. Go to the corner and
            shoot out the lamp. Pick up the grenade on the table. Shoot out the
            light above you and crouch down. Use the sniper scope to take out one
            guard with one shot to the head. Take out the other the same way as
            he shoots into darkness. Go down the hallway where they were and go
            into the second office on the left. Talk to the programmer. This is
            not Ivan. He asks you to take him to the infirmary, so pick him up
            and exit the office. Move left around the corner to the door on the
            right. Drop him in this room and talk to him to get some information.
            Pick up the two medical kits and exit the room. Load an airfoil round
            and wait in the corner to the left of the infirmary. When the guard
            comes, take him out with the airfoil round. Put his body in with the
            dead programmer and continue down the hall. Go into the server room
            with green glass and sneak up on the guard by going around to his
            right. Knock him out and access the computer. Exit the room and go
            through the fire door you just opened.

                  Go down the hall and through the door. Go up the stairs and
            crouch down. Quietly enter the next room and wait for the guards to
            stop talking. One leaves and the other goes to the kitchen. When he
            is stopped at the counter, sneak up and grab him. Knock him out and
            continue past the flames to the next door. Sneak up on the guard and
            knock him out. Jump into the air duct and move to the other side
            until you hear a conversation. Bring up your pistol and shoot the
            guard in the head before he kills Ivan. Drop down and talk to Ivan.

        VI.4 Rooftop Extraction (SC-VI.4)

        New Goal
            Take Ivan's encryption key. Leave Ivan behind for the FBI

            Rendezvous with the Osprey for extraction

                  Exit the restroom and head to the lobby. Get into the elevator
            and take it to the top. Crouch down and quietly exit the elevator
            into the room. Carefully go across the room; there are three guards
            on the other side of the forlift. When you have a good shot, throw a
            frag grenade at them. If it doesn't take them all, it should cause
            the barrels around them to blow up, taking out the survivors. If not,
            be ready to take them out with your SC-20K. Pick up the satchel and
            continue to the area with the stacks of drywall. Jump onto the
            drywall, then onto the cinder blocks. Continue on the platform and
            jump to the scaffolding. Climb down the ladder and pick up the
            medical kit. Move through the next doorway, turn right and crouch
            behind the drywall and wait for the guards to come in.

                  Set your SC-20K to automatic fire and take out the gaurds. When
            they go down, move foward and pick up ammo for the pistol and SC-20K
            and the medical kit. Head into the next room and hide behind the
            cinder blocks. Move to the left of the blocks toward the next room,
            and when the guards come move back to the cinder blocks. Take out the
            guards from this spot. They can't hit you when you are here. Use the
            sniper view to take them out. Move into the room and hide in the dark
            corner to the left. If you didn't take out the third guard already,
            he is at the top of the ladder. When he is down, climb the ladder.
            Drop down and pick up two medical kits. Follow the hallway to to set
            of stairs on the left. Go up the stairs and into the next room. Go
            across the room and hide behind the pillar on the right. Aim around
            the right side of the pillar and take out the two guards with your
            SC-20K. Move foward and go up the stairs quietly. Quietly take out
            the guard up here. Go down the hallway to the left and into the next

                  Pull out a frag grenade and sneak a little down the blue lit
            hallway. Throw the grenade at the enemies and move back to the room
            and hide in the dark corner. Watch for survivors that you may have to
            take out. Pick up the SC-20K in the room and head down the hall. Go
            around the corner to the left and take out the guard who is on patrol
            if you didn't already. Head into the door at the end of the hallway
            and move through the room to a dark area. You can take out the guard
            here if you didn't before. Go to the hallway and enter the room that
            is under construction. Pick up the medical kit and ammo for the
            SC-20K. Continue down the hall to the exit outside. Head to the door
            on your right. Go up the stairs in the red light and turn left at the
            top. Sneak into the room and take out the guards from above. Shoot
            the barrels to take them out easily. Once you take care of all the
            guards, climb down the ladder. Go across the room to a ledge and drop
            down onto the crates.

                  Watch as Wilkes holds off the guards on the roof. Move into the
            room and climb onto the crates to the right. Turn left and take out
            the guards on the scaffolding above. Climb onto the crate in front of
            you and aim down towards the guard on the ground. Take him out to
            clear the area. Move to the ladder by the forklift and climb up. Go
            across the scaffolding and climb up the second ladder. Go across the
            scaffolding and climb the third ladder. Jump across the roof to the
            helicopter to complete the mission.

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    go and read some walkthorughs .


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