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Thread: Which Media Is The Best?

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    does anyone have a suggestion to which type of cd is the best for ps2 copies?

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    I like Imation cd's;j...requestid=24049

    they are good cdrs at a good price

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    He says Imatation cd's are good....

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    i'd use the Verbatim ones....the ones with a dark dye on the disc. basically the darker the disc the better.

    You can hear ur ps2 struggling more with a light coloured disc than with a dark one. dark better long term.

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    you need to slow the burning speed right down if ur ps2 is struggling

    and as long as it 700mb at least 30x then any really ive tried may different one and had no problems just dont go for really cheap tacky crap coz it may ruin ur ps2 or it will read straight thru

    BROCKSTER aka ps2 masta


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