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    Im new to this, ive been trying to download some movies, and when I try to play them it says I dont have the proper codecs, can anybody help, when I click on their properties it has a liscence button

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    Ive tried the VLC PLayer and some of the files still dont work, does anybody encounter the same problem

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    if u install "Klite Coded pack" ull problem will be solved,
    Here you go
    Btw Welcome aboard

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    when I click on their properties it has a liscence button
    That means that those files are DRM protected. Which essentially means that you can only play them in Windows Media Player AND that you need to pay money to acquire a license to play it.

    Simply don't download .wmv to avoid these worthless files. Stick to .avi .ogm .mkv .mp4 and .mpeg


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