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Thread: External Dvd Burner Review

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    hi there,

    I am looking for an external dvd burner that just burns dvd's,Im quite happy with my cd/rw.

    Any suggestions?


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    Dont know of any just just burn dvd's. But I would get a normal internal dvd burner, I suggest a NEC 2500A. Then get an exturnal enclosure.

    Total price - around $90-100 US
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    I'd agree with Singaboy if it wasn't for one thing, will your burning software recognise the drive properly if it is connected via a USB connection to the external box?

    I'm not saying it won't, but personally I would want to know that someone else had already done this and could verify that it worked.

    I don't believe there are any DVD burners that only burn DVDs. There would be no advantage in restricting themselves in this way, since recordable CDs are backward compatible technology in any case. It simply means you will have another device capable of burning CDR(W), it is up to you whether you use the facility.
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