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    is there anyway to put a background pic which shows movin graphics?//

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    yes right click on your desktop scroll down to properties hit the desktop tab then click on the butten that says Custimize Desktop, a window should come up, click on the web tab, then click on the browse butten and find your animated GIF click ok on all the windows then go to your desktop you should notice your picture

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    You mean animated desktop wallpaper?

    Well, it's quite do-able with small animated .gifs, as Twister said, but definately not recommended if you're talking full screen images.
    It'll result in a huge performance drain on your PC's resources, and it'll probably crash like the Mir space station.

    There are special desktop background apps that move, but they are mostly just shifting colours.
    Sorry, but I don't have a link to one... maybe somebody else can help you there.


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