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Thread: 2 Great Books

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    Just wanna recommand:

    Dan Brown - Angels & Demons
    Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code

    Read them on my holiday. I found them the best books I read in my life.

    anyone else read them?

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    Yup. Wouldn't call them the best I've read in my life, but they are pretty good.

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    The way The da Vinci code ends i find it a bit disappointing.

    I liked The Eight by Catherine Neville more than the da vinci code.

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    Extremely overrated considering all the hype imo. The style is a bit contrived and the 'suspension of disbelief' one strives for good fiction is impaired by large lapses in logic and research made by the author.
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    I found all of his books great they were easy to read, I normally take ages to read a book but I flew through these.

    They are all on the FS networks in PDF if anyone wants them.
    so are most of T Pratchett and Harry Potter

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    I remember seeing "The Da Vinci Code" on Tv.I alway wanted to read this book.


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