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Thread: What's So Scary About The Ring?

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    hi, last night, i watched the ring, in a dark room, and was it ever.... tame?! What is it with people, everyone was telling me how scary it was, well then I must have missed the point! the only mildly freaky part(only because it came quickly and was a little gross) was at the beggining when the dead girl was in the corner of the closet! have people lost touch with the fear, and let it slid so low that a tame movie like The Ring could scare them.

    i guess this could be considered a slight bit of a request, because i would like to see ringu and ringu 2 because they are supposed to be scarier. if you have them could you either post them here, or pm me?

    thanks... and dont let yourselves got scared so easily!

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    Are you kidding,it scaried the shit out of me!

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    There are very few films that actually scare me, but I did think that bit when the girl comes out of the TV was pretty freaky.

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    It wasn't that scary, I think the sound effects and quick effects are all that made it seem so intense. If you take it away, just another movie.

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    Originally posted by Skillian@23 March 2003 - 19:36
    There are very few films that actually scare me, but I did think that bit when the girl comes out of the TV was pretty freaky.
    yhe, when she came out of the TV, i freaked out
    it was disgusting...........
    i liked the part when the mother and the daughter stand next to the well, the mother said: "i'm sorry"
    and then she suffocate her daughter, and pushed her over the edge of the well.....

    i'ts a great movie

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    well i watched it in the cinema, and i thought it was pretty scary. Also you must remember, that seing the girl in the closet, comes as a chok! Therefor i sat through out the entire movie expecting to be scared in the same way. But it didnt happen until the little bitch came out of the tv! Still i think the movie was hairy scairy

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    The closet was just sick, but not really scary if you think about it. Why was the TV scary?

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    I think i missed it too. Parts were freaky, but not scary. They are two different things. I tried watching the japanese one after it. It felt tamer to me than the us version. So i don't know wat everyone was talking about. I think it was hype, and everyone just said it was scary because everyone else did.

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    Maybe they never watched it and are trying to fit in. I still don't think it's scary, it's just the effects that makes it seem that way.

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    i agree. the two scary parts are the girl in the closet as a shock, and out of the tv was kinda freaky. but the ending was so lame too! so uncreative! so she made a copy, how exciting!(sarcasm).

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