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Thread: 5.1 Audio Setup

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    Hey all,

    I've got an ASUS A7N266-VM nForce motherboard, and recently bought an Altec Lansing 251 5.1 speake set. My motherboard has integrated audio, with 5.1 capability i.e., I can configure the audio processing unit to give out three channels - one for the front left and right speakers, one for the center and subwoofer, and one for the rear speakers. While I get 6 channel sound while watching DVDs or video files (on PowerDVD and Media Player Classic, respectively), I get only two channels when I play audio files on either Winamp or Media Jukebox. Is there any way I can get 6 channel output (other music playing software)?



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    Use the Blademp plugin for winamp: Guide on getting good sound on winamp

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    Thanks, Sebastian!


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    hrm that doesnt work for me

    i just use an out put plug-in...called Dynamic Surround or something. Best sound out of like 6 i tested

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    One more question: is there any audio playing software that offers Dolby Pro Logic II encoding. I've got PowerDVD 5 which offers both Pro Logic and the proprietary CLMEI (CyberLink Multi-channel Environment Impression technology) which upmixes stereo to 5.1 channel audio. Although PowerDVD 5 can handle mp3s, its funtionality with mp3s is very limited. Is there another option?


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    I thought most music or audio files were stereo.

    EDIT: Or do you mean only 2 of the speakers work?

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    Yeah, the problem basically is that when I play mp3s on Winamp or any other mp3 playing software, I get only two channels of audio, i.e., stereo sound. This translates to sound on only two speakers of my 5.1 speaker set (unless I change the input option on the subwoofer to 2-channel, which I don't want to do). As I said earlier, programs like PowerDVD and WinDVD have the Dolby Pro Logic II encoder, which upmixes stereo to 5.1 channel sound. It works great with both DivX movies and mp3s, but the functionality is very limited for playing mp3s. I therefore want to know if there is a program I can use to play my music which uses Dolby Pro Logic II or any similar encoder.



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