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Thread: 2 Movies On One Dvd

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    hey, i was wondering does anyone know how to put to movies onto one dvd? i converted some avi's i had into vob files there yesterday and i want to put them both on the one dvd (they fit in size) but i think i have to change the file names etc... and im not sure on what to do

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    Join all the parts of each movie together using vobmerge. Then use something like dvd-lab to create a menu for the movies and import the video files to create the movie.

    It's likely to be too big to fit on a dvd-r disc so you need to use dvd shrink to reduce the size.

    Finally burn it to disc.

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    I just leave them as avi and play them on a Yamada DVX6600. That way I can get 6 movies on the same DVD and it plays via an on-screen menu.

    The machine only cost me 70 and is actually quite a good DVD player as well as being able to play practically any filetype on any media type.


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    I use TMPGEnc. Get it from SuprNova (PACK TMPGENC Complete + Serial). Has all the tool you'll need for converting avi - dvd. Very simple to use.
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