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Thread: Best Freestyler

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    Who do y'all think is the best freestyler out there?

    i gotta say Juice, Lil Flip (the freestyle king goes off on every freestyle on kazaa), El-P, Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli both), Chamillionaire, members of Wu-Tang Clan...all i can think of right now

    Tight Freestylin Clips

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    I gotta say Busta Rhymes. Not so much now, haven't heard freestyles from him for a while, but back in the day his lyrics were great and he has a crazy style and a high speed flow.

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    busta rhymes?? id say eminem is world class, but probly not the best.

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    Big-L - could handle his own
    Biggie - cause anything he rapped sounded phat
    Havent heard much MC Juice but hes not bad form what i have heard
    Memphis Bleek has some good freestyles out their(pity hes on Roc-A-Fella)
    Fabolous's freestyles are crazy! - Im serious if you havent heard definately check them out i know he sounds like a pussy on his albums but his freestyles are damn good- ie: (da rockwilder, in da name of the streets, ww3)
    I also like Shaheed the poster boy
    As far as battleing goes eminem would win im sure
    hed just spit his writtens like he always does and tear them apart

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    I like the 8 mile battles, but havent heard Eminem battling for real

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    ive downloaded some of eminems battles and he seems a bit hipocritical in 8 mile because he disses someone for shouting. in his freestyles he goes so over the top i dont even think he raps in time.

    i think that dude out of cyprus hill is best, get Freestyles - Rap Olympics with Tupac.mp3 its got that dude versus biggie smalls but i dont actually think tupacs in it

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    Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam....try a little old school.

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    8 mile freestylin was sweet. Love those battles eminem had. But has he ever done it for real?

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    of course hes done it for real! hes good.

    but BIG L, BIG L . nice.

    what about canibus?

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    Best Freestylers list:

    Black Thought from The Roots. (The Best!&#33
    RZA from Wu-Tang Clan.
    Notorious B.I.G.
    Mos Def.
    Talib Kweli.
    GZA from Wu-Tang Clan.
    Huggy Bear.
    Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan.

    I don't think you could class M&M's raps in 8 Mile as Freestyles because they're pre-written. Freestyling has got to be off the top of your head and he's got an annoying whiny voice - TWAT!!
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