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    I was wondering if anyone knew of a good program that is uncomplicated and user friendly for tweaking audio Files? A while back I extracted the audio portion from a VHS tape into a .mp3 file ..i'm wanting to know how i might go about cleaning the where it's more clear and close to a clean " Live recording" as possible. Thanks in Advance.

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    Cool Edit Pro* has some audio tweaking tools like Click and Pop remover, etc..

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    Do a search in Kazaa with a word vst (sofware) and you will get a lot of apps poppin'.

    Go for Steinberg Wavelab v.4:
    "WaveLab 4.0 is the quickest professional audio editing and mastering software for Windows PCs. Combining easy-to-use stereo editors with a wealth of mastering features, WaveLab 4.0 offers powerful editing tools and an array of new, high-quality virtual effect processors. Comprehensive CD burning capabilities, real-time audio file analysis and batch processors further add to the functional depth of WaveLab 4.0. Steinberg's latest version also supports samplers, ASIO, WDM, a vast range of file formats as well as file resolutions of up to 32 Bit IEEE/192 kHz. Also new in WaveLab 4.0: real-time input and output monitoring."


    Steinberg Clean v.4, or Clean Plus v.4:
    "Be it LP, cassette, CD or MP3: Clean gets rid of hiss and crackle. Its high-quality effects and advanced music processing features give you perfect sounding music. You can let Clean do the work for you by automating this process. New professional tools and the intuitive handling make it easy to restore your music, to optimize the sound and to burn the result onto CD."

    Check out this for more info:

    Wavelab supports vst plugins (a.k.a. effects) also, try Magneto 1.5 and make youd hd/gagrage recordins or mp3's sound wayy much better. It's a kinda comprerssor, doing the same thing as if you are using tape, adds warmth on it.

    There is more good tools out there, these are the ones i recommend at the moment.

    For the best effects, get the WaVes v.3.5, its the best pack of effects i've seen yet!

    Hope this helps!



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