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Thread: Halo 2 + = ?

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    Has anybody heard about The address was shown at the end of a Halo 2 theatrical trailer. It appears to be a beekeepers website, but it looks like it's been hacked by some mysterious entity, and it's counting down to Aug 10th for some crazy reason. Then you can click around and there's all this mixed up jibberish about colonies and enemy lines, which looks like it could very well be from Halo 2. And you can go to her neices blogsite where she talks about all the weird stuff going on and e-mails she's been getting, and it's kinda freaky. Everybody's pretty sure it's some mystery put together by Bungie as a marketing ploy (the Blair Witch Project and Galaxy Quest among other movies used similar ploys), but I'll let you look into it and share some of your theories before I share some of mine.

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