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Thread: Smsnotify V1.0.2

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    I've written a program (development still continues) that notifies you of new releases over SMS/Tray Balloon Popups (the balloon popups will be replaced with something better in the future).

    It supports almost every US cell phone provider, some Israeli ones and a Canadian one.
    Support for European ones is in progress, and also there will be support for sms gateway sites (sites that allow sending sms to different providers - like ICQ for example)

    Visit the website for more info.

    Download Links
    The Latest version is: v1.0.2.1Check the website for the download link and more info:

    Get notified of new releases via SMS with SMSNotify!

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    ur not allowded to spam here,

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    It's sad to see that once this forum has been a magnet for developers and encouraged any p2p-related tools, and now a tool like that is regarded as spam.

    This program works, I tried it (on Orange - Israeli provider).

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    I did not mean for it to come out as spam, neither an advertisement.

    I am not making any money out of this tool.

    I've just thought that it may be useful to some to get up-to-date SMS notifications of releases, since text messaging is so popular nowdays. (there are paid services for news, sports and other things).

    This tool is completely free, and contains no spyware whatsoever.

    Just try it. I'm aware of not having European services yet, but any American can test this out and see that it works flawlessly.

    Thanks for the attention.
    Get notified of new releases via SMS with SMSNotify!

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    Updated with a new version that works with NForce's new layout!
    Get notified of new releases via SMS with SMSNotify!


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