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Thread: Hello I'm New In This Board And I Need Advice

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    I want to download the Harry potter Poa video the xvid version I need some help how to do it, please thanks...

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    1. Look in the Bit Torrent section on this forum for different bit torrent clients and advice.

    2. Download a Bit Torrent Client...there are quite a few to choose from.

    3. Go to to look for a file. (It may be there, i have no idea).

    4. Leave it to download.

    Any other problems, just post a message and someone will help.

    Finally, welcome to FST and enjoy your stay.

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    I am sorry if I wasn't clear, but I need to download Prisoner of azkaban movie, the thing is that I have no idea where to go, I check Kazza which is regular download but they have the cine version bad quality, from another board they direct me here, they told me that I will find everything here.

    I have a bit of knowledge in donwloading stuff but not when downloading high resolution movies (never done it before) and I get confuse with all the terminology, I think that there are many steps to follow, so don't expect a lot from me but I'll try my best to follow instructions.

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    You can follow the advice above. Then look through the section mentioned for a list of sites to find the movie you want. The movies change regularly, so unless someone stumbles accross the one you want, you will need to look around.

    Getting low quality versus high quality involves the exact same steps, you just need to look around for it is all.

    You could try IRC, but it is more difficult then BT.

    Peace of mind Findnot

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    hey patty. Bit torrent is a way of another way of downloading. It is more reliable.
    The chances of getting exactly what you want are higher using bit torrent than it is with Kazaa. Kazaa is full of fake and corrupted files but not all of it.

    Try this.

    Click on this link and download from any one of the mirrors. The just simply install it. Takes a few seconds.

    This is where you will get your client. In Kazaa terms, it is your Kazaa software, the place where it will download but not where you will search for files.

    Unfortunately, i can not tell you the exact page for finding harry potter so why not check out w* and have a look for yourself. Or try looking here. This is an extensive list of bit torrent sites you could use. Some require you to register but should be worth it.

    Once you have decided on which file you want, just click on it. It will open your bit torrent client automatically and should downloading. any other problems, just post a messsage on this forum and i'm sure we'll be able to help.

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    Thanks, now i can download music but when i want to download a movie, there is an error message:

    problem getting respose info- [Errno 2] no such file on directory c:\documents and setting...(I can read the rest since the windows is to small to finish the name of the file)

    can someone help me with it. Do i need to install something else...

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    Close all torrent files (including ones in task manager) then try again. It isn't reading the file i think because its being acccessed by another program. Or you could just try saving it to a different location.

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    With a little patience you could just go and buy the DVD; rip it and share it. If you have not seen the film, go and treat yourself to a ticket to the cinema to see it.

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    I saw the movie 8 times already, it is just that I want to have the movie on my pc, actually I am having a bit of success now, I'm downloading the movie but it taking for ever....and eternity, I only donwload 1% in 1 hour 1/2, and I have clabe so I guess I have to wait.


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