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Thread: Ps2, Xbox Games On Pc

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    Probably you already discussed about it (but not on the last 4 pages) but still ...

    is there a possibility to play console games (PS, XBOX etc.) on a PC?

    Well it has to be or ...!?! Some program?

    Becouse all consoles have at least one good game, which was not made for a PC and I don't have any intentions to buy all of them just becouse of one or two games.


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    Yea u can play them but you need an emulator. Its easy enough to get a PSX,N64 or Snes emulator but the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube emulators are very rare and most of them dont work. If you do manage to get one, the chances of getting the rom of the game that you want is almost impossible. Im sure that in the future though it will be easy to play PS2 games on your PC but then you wont be able to play PS3 games! THe bottom line is, if you want to play xbox of ps2 games then you need to buy the console...

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    So ... emulators you say ... emulators I'll get!!! Thanx!

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    yes the probabillity of finding a PSXII or GC or XBOX emulator is highly unlikely... for you see coders and tech-gnar-gurus have to take a console and sit down... break down the code figure out how to re assemble the cod into pc based codes ... this is avery long and tedious process so your best bet again i will have to agree is to buy a system... for emulators come long time running...

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    I just needed the magic word "emulator" and I already know quite a lot about it (e.g. etc.).

    Thanx again guys ... you opened my eyes!!!

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    lol, emulators for the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox are all non existant...

    i dont believe anyone has yet constructed a working emulator that PLAYS the games.

    besides, you needed a (once upon a time) decently powerful computer to run the N64 and PSX emulators....think of the power necessary to run something far more powerfal than those systems.

    good luck....

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    A powerful computer is actually not a problem. I have a P4 3,06 GHz, 1024 RIMM-RAM, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro etc. ... and if this is not powerful enough then I have throw my money away (a lot of it) and I will never use a computer again ... actually I'll go to a monastery in some forest or on a montain and if I'll even see something technical, a phone or something, I'll go crazy!!!!

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    this was an idiotic question first of all, second of all if you know a great deal about emulators and roms and didn't you think of emulators and roms, second of all anyone with that type of computer and talks like you, shouldn't have that type of computer, I am 90 percent positive you are lieing about the specs of your machine also...3.06 P4's are fairly new and don't include Radeon 9700 pro's from most if this is all true, then I feel sad for you, either way you are a pretty pathetic person, and another thing, I read through the forum every month of so looking for DVD rips (i hardly use kazaa, so many idiotic fakes on actual existing files), but I am not surprised how many NEW people use kazaa, It's like somebody got a subscription to AOL and instantly use Kazaa, is it like the noob P2P program online now? I couldn't believe some of the posts people made, UMMM where can i find Matrix reloaded, (WTF why in gods name would Reloaded be released) they are donwloading movies that couldn't possibly be out yet....The Hulk...Terminator 3...the most STUPID posts EVER in a forum. Please, am I alone in thinking that this post should be sticked for all the morons out there who think that kazaa is some great place to find real files...because ONCE in a while I can find a DVD rip a month after the DVD has been out....use a real program mIRC, eDonkey, Direct Connect, Bit Torrent, god...even Morpheus is better than kazaa, otherwise if you want a list of viruses, fakes, and shit programs, use Kazaa today! There is my 2 cents...will be my last post.

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    First of all this was a disrespectful reply from you Xanitus. Second of all you don't know me and you dare to call me a liar. I would really like to meet you in person to discuss about respecting people but ...

    I do relize that I was too "laud" respectively that I was boasting of having the above mentioned comp but I just had to write it somwhere. I do have it but that is of course my problem. I am sorry for that in the future I will never do that again.

    I haven't played real video games for years becouse i didn't have time nor money for the computer stated above. The only two games I played on PC were go and chess (and I do feel sorry for myself!!&#33 But I had consoles before (I mean years ago). That of course does not mean that I don't know how to use computers becouse I work with them every day it's just that up to now emulators weren't important for me (although I knew that it has to be something). I have planned about a year which computer (or better say comp parts) to buy and it was more an experiment buying such a comp becouse you are absolutely right I do not need something like that, I never did and I never will but I bought it anyway (you don't have to be jealous about it 'cause for at least for two summers I'll go nowhere) ... and I have to say it is great ... from browsing trough internet pages (although for security reasons I'm actually not going to use it for browsing ), playing video games to cretaing respectively proccesing media files but of course way too expensive.

    The other thing is, that I don't download from other programs such as miRC, Direct Connect etc, becouse I am behind a firewall (it's not mine so I am not allowed to change anything) and I am unable to share my files through those programs but I can easily share them e.g. with Kazaa or WinMx (for about 4 years now) etc. ... I have a principal: if I cannot share then I don't download!

    If you are such an expert on sharing programs you would easily recognize a fake file from the real thing (at least in 90 % when searching for movies) with all the tools people made for us "idiots" you say.

    And it is logical that every day new people are getting connected to internet and are starting to use Kazaa etc. as you did, when you were a rookie ... or am I wrong assuming that?!?

    That's why we all need those forums and that's why I belive this forum was created for.

    I apologize guys I was way too long but I could't help myself.

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    well actually..... a 3.06processor is kinda new but it can come with any damn video card with or without getting it from the ass

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