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    Is it just me
    or is any body else getting really shit download speeds?

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    to be honest mate, it is nothing to do with suprnova...more to do with your client. i was told that for some reason, different clients get different speeds, not sure why...any elaboration on that theory anyone?

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    i've been getting "shitty" speeds lately too....

    and im using abc. like a week ago i used to get really good speeds... 40.... 50... (on torrentbits abc always maxed my download speed 300 400 KB/s) now suprnova is giving me dl speeds of 2 or 3 per download.....
    could it be that nobody is sharing anymore???
    im doing some port changes... hope that helps

    *****edit***** i did the port changes... and it has gotten a lot better....

    getting speeds of 40 - 100 on one torrent, and 20-30 to the others....

    not sure if it was the port changes... but anyways.....
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    O K guys,

    How do i change my ports?

    Im using ABC and sygate pro

    regards Alex


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