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Thread: My Pc Won't Boot - No Beeps

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    When I turn on my monitor it says "No signal input" and seems to receive nothing from my comp. This didn't happen b4 but I was having problems with system hanging so I decided to clear CMOS. Problem remained so I decided to take out the battery under the CMOS jumper and let it rest for 30 mins. I reattached it to my mobo and it was then I received "No signal input"
    Various things I have tried already:
    -Reseating memory and placing it on all 3 different slots
    -Reattaching video card firmly until "click"
    -Reattaching heatsink and processor
    -Taking out battery for 20 secs
    -Clearing CMOS
    -Taking out mobo and using only CPU,Ram,Video Card
    -Pulling out IDE cables 1st cd-rw+dvdrom and HDD and Floppy
    -Reattaching ATX connectors

    Im not sure if my system is beeping, but the red and green light on my mobo does light up and the front of my tower has a green and red light also.

    NF7 v2.0 Bios(24)
    Athlon XP 2000 1.66ghz
    512 DDR SDRAM
    Xtasy Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
    Antec SL 350w [email protected]
    Samsung DVD-ROM
    Samsung CD-RW
    80GB HD

    By the way... Im wondering if all this power on and power off in a matter of seconds continously will damage my HD?

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    Make sure your monitor cable is plugged in all the way in the back.
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    yep hehe

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    My parents pc had a similar problem to this. I cant remember how I fixed it though. Sorry I cant help ypu right now im just too tired

    If you dont have an answer by the time I wake up tomorrow... I will make sure you get it to work.
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    night night lol

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    Are you sure you put the battery back the right way up?
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    Disconnect everything you don't absolutely need from your motherboard - all cards except your graphics card, all connectors to drives, so that the only things plugged in are the power leads, the cpu (and it's hsf), the memory, the graphics card, the internal speaker (so you can hear bios post codes) and the front panel connector (so you can turn it on). Also disconnect all the power leads from the drives just in case they are dragging the psu down, although your indicator lights suggest that is not the case.

    If it still doesn't attempt to boot and there are no beeps it sounds like either your mobo or your processor is fried, probably your mobo but unless you've got another pc you can try the other bits in you are going to need expert help. A local computer store will often help you (not one of the big chains) on condition you either buy the parts from them or pay their inspection charge.

    If it now gives you some beeps you can try looking up the beep codes. If it tries to boot (but obviously won't find any boot devices) you can start reconnecting things until you find the faulty part which stops it booting.
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    ok it took me some time to do this because its a time-consuming task. Running it barebone with CPU+HSF, Memory, and Video Card and made sure the speaker,power led, etc connectors were properly connecting, there were once again no beeps and nothing showing up in the monitor.

    I thought it has to be my motherboard, but second thought it and used another one that was the previous one b4 i upgraded to this. Repeated it barebone on the anti-static bag and still no beeps. It might not be my mobo or it is and both are fried.

    I have questions about the CPU and want any advice that leads to the conclusion of a broken CPU. I touched the processor to feel if it was "hot" and it was mildly warm and the heatsink was the same. Do dead processors give off heat although it is already dead?

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    btw, did you smell anything from the computer recently?
    No funny molten plastic or solder smells?

    Have you tried the moniter with anything computer system if avalable?
    Any bad nicks or slashes in the moniter cable?
    Check the moniter cable pins, it one is bent.. you can try bending it back and it might just work. If it doesnt, then you might need to have some warrenty backup handy for the moniter replacement.

    just tryin to help

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    Originally posted by asnlazy@8 August 2004 - 03:48
    Reattaching heatsink and processor
    Do you not need to reaply thermal paste or a thermal pad if you do this?

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