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    Could anyone please advise as to what to have my settings set as when the wizard asks which connection speed i use, im not sure what the ADSL and things mean. I have 150k broadband and am using Kazaa lite K++2.4.4 build my download sped at the moment at best is 2.84 kb thats with 7 users and only the 1 download where as the 2 uploads are getting about 9kb between them.

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    your downloads use some upload bandwidth sending ACKs, if you max out your upload speed, you will slow your downloads because your ACKnowledgements become latent. . .
    your ISP and kazaa's settings are in kilobits/sec (kb/s)
    kazaa's traffic window displays kilobytes/sec (kB/s)
    8 kb/s = 1 kB/s
    try setting your upload speed in kazaa's settings to 64 (kb/s)


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