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    I have a 1 year old compaq. It is normally very quit and you can't tell that it is on other then the light on the front of it.

    Occasionally, and seemingly more increasingly, it makes a great deal more noise that sounds like a steady fan or whir.

    I have cleaned the insides with a vacuum several times and that seems to work initially.

    What is this noise in the first place? Why does it happen? Is cleaning the only way temporarily make it go away?

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    Mine makes the same sound because the fan is loose. We dropped it - did you drop yours?

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    mine is loud since i forgot to screw back the hard drive on to the casing... i let it drop onto the bottom of the case... i got a p4 fan so itz pretty quiet....

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    It's likely to be a loose screw or something (of the computer not your own screws going loose ). I had a noise like a fan for two years till a pc engineer refitted my case, I never felt more stupid :">. That was before I became a PC genius though.

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    too lazy to open my computer up again lol... n take out plugs / replug... let it make noise and let the hard drive burn into the case... lol


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