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    Is this RIAA mf work or what search for metallica i get 100 "sad but true" by the same user in ogg,mp3,wma etc ...i listen to some shit mp3 i get a bling blong sound like 10 times in 1 song

    ive seen the increase of files from normal amount of files (800.000.000 shared back in the good old days to almost ( i know lots is fake but this is all new to there some fucking bot or dont users know that they share the same songs like times 2000

    i know SOB RIAA hires companies to fuck up mp3s but this time they gone too fucking far

    they need to die

    Bling Blong

    like 6 months since i last used kazaa lite...perhaps this is ooooooooooooooold news

    try to do a search for Evanescence - My Immortal and you see for your self

    just for an example

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    its not just with mp3's its with movies to like etc. The Day After Tomorrow. or Alien vs. Predator

    but what can we do about it not a thing so who cares don't complane. just don't download them. look for ones with alot of users and preview them before your done downloading them. just go to your share folder right click on your download and open with. with what ever meda player you have. if one does not work try another. divx and realone are the ones that work most.

    sample isnt it

    most of the time you can tell its a fake. etc. say there like 10 user for the file that your downloading if 9 out 10 users have a number after there name its a fake. just look at the users before you download it

    its happen too me many times. just try it and see for your self. look up some new movies like Alien vs. Predator and you will see alot of users with numbers after there names all fakes probly riaa.


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