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Thread: Compressing Files B 4 Burning

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    Hi ppl. As we all know, some downloaded files may be bigger than a conventional CD-R's capacity (e.g. 760MB). I've tried using the NTFS compression that comes with 2K/XP systems, WinRAR, and Winzip but it just can't bring it down to about 690MB. Some of my files are even as huge as 800MB.

    Some of my friends have used a compression tool before but they can't remember the name of the tool. Can any kind soul help me out here? If it's a shareware, I wouldn't mind paying for it.

    Thanking all of you in advance...

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    I prefer Power Archiver over WinRar and WinAce.
    Here is their website.
    You have the ability to chose the amount of compression.
    You will need the full version to compress files that large..its on kazaa.


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    You can set the amount of compression in WinRAR too, just change 'Compression Method' from Normal to Best. But going from 800MB down to 690 is asking a lot. You might have to sacrifice some unnecessary files from the archive, like .txt and .html manuals. You could also try setting your burning software to overburn.


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