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Thread: People Downloading Slow From Me?

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    hi. im sharing a few files on kazaa.

    though most it seems like i dont upload often much faster than 3kB/sec to other people.

    I should be able to upload at atleast 60kB/sec

    any idea why it doesnt upload to others very fast?

    edit: more info

    using xp pro
    on adsl
    have a router with port forwarding on and have kaNAT running.
    using klite 2.4.3

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    You can set how much of bandwidth K-Lite is suppose to use. It's in options.
    Also, don't have to many upload slots as it decreses upload speed per user and they just might abort their downloads from you. 6 upload slots for you are enaugh in my opinion. This is also in options.

    If this doesn't help, we'll try something else.


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