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Thread: Pda With Phone

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    Is anyone using a PDA with Phone capability. How well do they work together. Is there any good model, particularly in UK.

    Can I just buy a PDA-Phone, and stick my sim card in it?

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    I use a samsung I300 and it works great, I am using it in the USA, and I think it only works with the Sprint system.

    Oh Yeah, I also use the I500's they are smaller, but work good.

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    The moment I posted the question, I had realised that I had asked the wrong question.

    When I said Pda. I meant Pocket PC. I know there more and more mobile phones coming with Pdas, but are there many Pocket PCs coming with phone capability.

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    I have seen some cool ones here in the US, they do seem to work fine if you are in an area with service.


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