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Thread: My Hardwar Is Totally Screwed

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    When i played a game or after a half day or something the animation when minimizing or maximizing becomes weird, its just seems to be laggy, but everything else is still smooth

    also, when i install XP or Server 2003, i get bsods like irql not less or equel, or pen list corrupt, or error in non paged area or something like that

    plz help me
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    install some different drivers.

    problems are most likely with graphics, but could be chipset, sound, ethernet, or modem drivers.
    we need more info from those bsod's.

    edit: ur not doing an upgrade install are u? make sure to format THEN install.

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    i have it on differend installs differend os, (server 2003, XP, Longhorn diferend builds)

    so i gues it are my drivers yes

    i have a geforce mx 440
    where can i get the latest drivers for that?
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    that new driver reduced the problem, the animation lag is reduced but still there
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